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The Central Message for Postpartum Women
Remember...You are not alone
(Ten to twenty percent of women experience PPD.)

You are not to blame,
(You did not cause this; there is a strong biological component to how you are feeling.)

And, With help, You will be well!

(This is treatable.)

Postpartum Support Kentuckiana is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women suffering from perinatal (prenatal and postpartum) mood and anxiety disorders in the Kentucky and Southern Indiana area. Postpartum Support Kentuckiana (PSK) was founded in 2006 to increase awareness, create access to treatment, and reduce stigma of perinatal mood disorders.

The Warm Line
 Postpartum Support International

PSI Helpline: (800) 944-4PPD (4773www.postpartum.net

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